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SHOMAN MOTORS / Profile Distribution, Creative Coupons 

    Cetabo worked closely with Amin and Sharif Shoman of Shoman Motors, Yolo County’s Premier Car Dealership and new mechanic shop, to give their new mechanic shop a local traffic.

    The family based Shoman Motors specializes in the BMW car sale and DINAN tuning in Davis, Sacramento, Yolo County and Silicon Valley. With over 20 years of experience in the car industry, owners Sharif and Amin bring an incredible depth of knowledge and expertise to their clients. However, their online presence wasn’t up to date to reflect the work they are recently adding (mechanic services). 

    Working with Cetabo, we first approached their branding and logo to modernize their mark, implement the color pallete on designs to represent the professionalism of Shoman Motors across targeted channels.

    Using their new design style, we started updating the business info and gallery on Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, and started a new Pinterest profile customizing pins with special post-types for their “cars for sale” and “mechanic services” posts. Sharif is a thought-leader in his industry, which means combing through current brand assets to determine what should be carried over to the new campaigns to serve top customer experience and eliminate outdated contents, and what should be archived. Additionally, Cetabo launched a press release, to bring the internet into the website/ online channels.

    With the all-new, redesigned materials, we then redesigned PPC campaign assets, like Google Display Network ads, and dealership marketing pieces to bring them all under one, cohesive brand identity. In the process of designing new marketing brochures and flyers, we were able to add digital CTAs that point to multiple funnels like Google Maps/ Online inventory integrating with Shoman Motor’s existing accounts, triggering automated emails and capturing users’ data for future marketing efforts. 

    It’s an Agency’s dream to be given an opportunity like Shoman Motors, where we’re entrusted with a complete overhaul of a company’s offer identity. We’re grateful for the partnership between Cetabo and Shoman Motors and the trust given in the process by fantastic clients like Amin and Sharif.


    Shoman Motors


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