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Ahoy Mateys! Cutting Costs with Cetabo: A Case Study of Sahara Falafel

    Blimey, being a restaurant owner be a tough journey, especially when it comes to charting the right course with yer menu. Ye gotta appeal to the scallywags who be walkin’ the plank into yer establishment, while still keepin’ an eye on yer gold doubloons. Sahara Falafel, a popular Mediterranean eatery, had this same challenge until they set sail with Cetabo, a powerful menu management tool. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how Cetabo helped Sahara Falafel streamline their menu and cut costs, resulting in increased profitability, aye!

    Easily Introducing New Items to the Menu

    Introducing new items to the menu can be a daunting task, like navigating the open seas with a broken compass. However, with Cetabo, Sahara Falafel was able to effortlessly add new dishes and specialties to their menu, just like a pirate hoisting their colors to the mast. Cetabo’s intuitive interface made it simple for the restaurant to update their menu, track customer feedback, and make any necessary changes to pricing and portion sizes.

    Cost-Effective Pricing Structure

    One of the biggest challenges for restaurants is finding the right balance between offering high-quality dishes at affordable prices, like finding the perfect spot to stash yer treasure. With Cetabo, Sahara Falafel was able to create a pricing structure that took into account food costs, labor expenses, and desired profit margins, just like a pirate counting their riches. The restaurant was able to make informed decisions about menu pricing, resulting in a more cost-effective and profitable menu, aye!

    Menu Design Made Simple

    Cetabo not only helped Sahara Falafel streamline their menu and cut costs, but it also helped with designing the menu, like finding the perfect map to lead ye to the X that marks the spot. The tool offers an easy-to-use menu design interface, allowing the restaurant to create a visually appealing menu that showcases their dishes in the best light possible, like the shining sun on a clear day at sea.


    In conclusion, Cetabo was a game-changer for Sahara Falafel, like discovering a secret island with untold riches. With its intuitive interface, cost-effective pricing structure, and menu design capabilities, the restaurant was able to optimize their menu and increase profitability, hoisting their flag high with pride. If ye be a restaurant owner looking for a menu management tool, Cetabo is definitely worth considering, aye!