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Davis Auto Detailing /Launching New Local Business

    Launching Davis Auto Detailing 

    See how we helped an auto dealer roll out a brand-new detailing service, mid-2022. With Davis Auto Detailing, customers are pursuing interior detailing, ceramic coating, and purchasing detailing products for their cars—serving up both convenience and safety in record time.

    When pandemic restrictions hit the U.S. The family-owned car dealer, Shoman Motors was compelled to launch a disinfecting service enabled under a pickup model, maximizing convenience for customers who no longer would want to go out for detailing. 


    What did that entail? Planning a marketing strategy to penetrate the local market from $0 to $30k/month in revenue within 1 full year. By Research, Lauch, Optimize cycle while operating a budget-approved marketing calendar. 

    Areas we research before planning 

    #1 Category expansion

    # 2 Logos and Colors

    # 3 Websites 

    # 4 SWOT

    Our start point was designing brand materials such as New Colors, Logo, a service category, a new detailing menu, a website and advertising the business on targeted channels for awareness. 

    After getting the brand material ready. We launched an informative WordPress site. The site has many features we can take advantage of in the future like an e-commerce, chatbots and more. 

    Now we are ready to take customers, but no one knows about us still. 

    Advertising comes into place. We tested targeted channels with different messages (Yelp, Fb, GMB) to land on Google Pay Per Click and constantly lowering the cost per acquisition CPA. 

    Paying for ads blindly might bring leads but won’t teach us the secret sauce for advertising car detailing.

    So, we started drafting a calendar to ensure each campaign is fenced with dates and target audience.

    Sketches we discussed

    Number so far 

    As it is a new business, insights will look crazy, but it is true. The business is currently running 1-3 customers a day with an average spend of $240 and our team won’t stop until getting to the goal. 

    Project Information

    Client : Davis Auto Detailing

    Website URL :

    Project Type : Chief Marketing Officer, Pay Per Click (AdSense)