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ETA Locksmith/ Website Development

    ETA Locksmith has been a Texas staple since 2017 serving Austin with bonded locksmith services 

    ETA Locksmith has been a TX staple since 2017 unlocking cars, homes, businesses, changing locks and installing security systems. From the beginning, they paired their success with locals getting into their home/work safely. Over the years, their business has grown and spread throughout the Austin, TX area, but the fast, insured, and safety look with ETA Locksmith has remained a business priority.

    Although ETA Locksmith has a nostalgic look, they are committed to staying up-to-date with technology and how technology is integrated with their locksmith local business. After recognizing that their website had become outdated, performing poorly on phones and tablets, ETA Locksmith team partnered with us to build a new website. In working with the President, Hakim Hmeidan we built an experience that better communicates and connects with their patrons on a platform that is modern with responsive design.

    During the project, we worked closely with Hakim to help execute the business’s mission for the new site. It was extremely important to him that we select the right details & photography to capture the vibrant look of The ETA’s online visibility. As the vision came together, our team created new mobile-friendly website architecture, website wireframes, and interactive design prototypes to ensure that ETA Locksmith’s online presence embodied the style, feeling, and experience of calling for a trusted service.

    Once the designs were in place, we built a website within WordPress CMS using responsive design. The site features a “Locksmith service categories” map integrated with Google Maps that geo-targets your location when visiting the website, online forms using one of our favorite form builders and an overall fresh & fun look.

    With the launch of the new website in February 2020, ETA Locksmith has already seen an increase in organic website traffic as well as an increase in the average time on site along with a decreased bounce rate.

    Our team has grown up working with ETA Locksmith as it helped Cetabo learn the Locksmith industry better and execute future locksmith marketing services.