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Offer search engines more details about your website, as well as the users who get across it in Google’s results pages with meta tags

Basic Premium 


Page audit 
Maximum pages allowed per order 55
Competing pages researched 13
Keywords researched 5001500
Select the type of package and add the number of pages you wish to target

What is the difference between basic and premium meta tags?

The volume of the data researched is one-third. Both premium and basic meta tags get readability, relevancy and search volume checked.

How it works?

Submit your payment and complete order requirements to receive your new metatags folder by email within 3 days

if you haven’t already, it’s time to start incorporating meta tags into your marketing strategy and watch your rankings change!

With writing search meta tags, we incorporate frequently Googled words to find your product/service category. and yes all organically, without paying for ads! Digital marketing encompasses all of what makes a channel succeed, from content to code, and from user experience to server expertise. Focus on marketing and leave creating SEO tags to Cetabo!

That’s why, We created this focused search service: to give agencies and website owners everything they need to succeed in SEO Metatags

What You’ll Receive

A Complete Written SEO Meta Tags

With millions of websites competing for the top spots in Google, how do you stand out?

A well written SEO meta tag is the heart of the cetabo.com family. With more than 10 years of experience, this service is eye-opening for marketers at every level. Here’s what you’ll receive:

File 1The Current SEO tags Example 1
File 2Your Order: The new SEO meta tags Excel Example 2
File 3A guide on how to add the tags based on CMS Example 3
File 4Meta tags best practices and studiesExample 4

Do you guarantee that ordering this service will give me what I need to make my website rank?

Generally, there are no guarantees with SEO, and we don’t guarantee that any particular website will achieve organic search rankings. We cannot ensure that a website can be optimized, nor that this service is a direct visibility factor in all cases.
Many who have purchased Cetabo’s meta tags swear by it. But products and presentations may vary. Our Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to receive free $40 credit and try our writing meta tags service for up to 1 page per verified site owner risk free so you can see whether this service will work for you (see the Post “Get $40* Meta Tags Credit on Cetabo” for details)

How Does seo meta tags help my website?

Cetabo.com service will give your site access to ahrefs tools and other audits to identify most-used search terms(keywords) that are achievable by your site and tailor new meta tags for your business.

Injecting the new targeted keyword and its synonyms within your content gives a better chance to show your site on the first page. Watch out for keyword stuffing and loading a webpage with Irrelevant keywords.

Does Cetabo access my site and update its metatags?

No, WordPress and Shopify users can easily add a targeted keyword, title, and meta description using free plugins and apps. You will receive a recommended way to update the metatags based on your CMS when placing an order.

How can I amplify my website’s visibility on search engine after adding keyword, title and meta description?

After unboxing your order and updating the tags, add the new keyword and its synonyms into your page content. Metatags are powerful when it targets a keyword and clearly describe the benefit someone will get from your website.

How fast my order will be processed? When do I receive my order?

After placing the order and submitting all requirements, it usually takes less than 3 days to receive all orders that are equal or less than 5 pages.

Which counties Cetabo serve?

The Cetabo family operates in the U.S. and serves the world with metatags in English and Arabic languages. If you are interested in translating metatags please contact us before placing your order.

Can I order more than 5 pages?

Yes, please contact us to receive our URL import tool to process bulk orders.

What is the work process of creating SEO metags at Cetabo?

#1 Webpage evaluation.
#2 Gather and target a new keyword.
#3 Write new meta tags based on page content.

What is the difference between basic and premium meta tags?

The volume of the data researched is one-third. Both premium and basic meta tags gets readability, relevancy and search volume checked.