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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of spotting the light on your web-results in Search, ensuring that you’ll be found when people search for non-branded keywords.

With content creation, website optimization, online advertising and a bit of digital geekness, we separate businesses from the ever-growing competition. SEM (Search Engine Marketing ) is paid online advertising, and it is equally essential to stand out among websites already fighting to outrank each other.


Wondering how your website stands against competitors? We created an SEO Competitive Audit Checklist that evaluates top components of results against your website, specifically focused on organic traffic. Have us give you insight into how to better measure up.


SEO SPRINTS is not just a buzzword. Ranking on top search engines could mean life or death for the business. We specialize in fully managed and co-managed SEO engagements that make sure you are achieving top search engine results and measurable conversions.


Cetabo is constantly working with Google to ensure maximum ad results in this constantly-changing and super competitive online advertising environment. Our team of experts carefully kickoff and manage multiple Ad sets under each campaign to optimize future dollars spent driving traffic to your website.


We use facebook to connect, shop, call and even do business. Because of this, Facebook could be a great place to advertise. However, the policies are constantly-changing and without a facebook advertising expert guiding you through the process, your ads may be ineffective and left unseen.


As the most popular social media site for ideas, Pinterest may be the right market to advertise your business or organization. We use Canva and Pinterest built in tools to target the right audience based on factors such as gender, interest, location, and more.

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