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Add SEO meta tags for WordPress

In most cases, the primary goal of metatags content optimization is to enhance click through rate in search engines, and there are a wide amount of factors that dictate whether or not this will happen in 2021. However, there are three fundamental steps you can take to update your metatags on WordPress using Yoast SEO plugin.

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How to Add SEO meta tags for WordPress

Updating metatags on WordPress comes handful when installing a plugin, that doesn’t mean that you can’t without one.

Before starting. Go to Plugins and install Yoast SEO plugin

“We offer a free version of the plugin, that will definitely get you started with your SEO. But I advise you to also take a glance at our Premium” – Yoast SEO

Step 1: Login into your WordPress site

Sites developed in WordPress has a default access link

Step 2: Go to the page or the post that you wish to update its SEO settings and click edit

Weather its a post, page, or a product. Find the post you wish to optimize and click on edit.

Step 3: Scroll down to Yoast SEO settings tab and update your meta tags

Scroll to find the yoast seo settings tab that will allow you to add a keyword, title and meta description


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