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Cetabo’s Marketing Timeline Example

This is post will be updated to include our learning lessons and new marketing technologies

At the foundation of any good business website is a solid marketing timeline. Often, marketing plans can be heavy documents that go unread. Creating a marketing timeline to illustrate your plan can help in many ways.

What is the Marketing Timeline?

A marketing timeline allows the company employees to see all projects, events, campaigns, and sales that will be happening throughout the year. They can be used to point out deadlines on a quarterly, annual, or on project basis.

Why should your company Have a Marketing Timeline?

Increased workload, blurred lines and messed up scheduling usually arise when we don’t plan. Marketing timeline can be broken into 4 major steps: A.Ideation. B.Planning(creating Marketing timeline), C.Execution and D.Evaluation.

A. Marketing timelines make it easy for your entire team to see: A Marketing Plan gets everyone on the same page.

B. It takes several days or a week or more to proof, print and mail marketing materials. A
common mistake is hitting the market too late because you haven’t factored in production time.

C. Keep track and measure the results, including revenue vs. costs and profit—it’s all about the bottom line. Having a Marketing Timeline means that goals are measurable.

How specific your marketing timeline projects should go?

Not too specific and not too abroad. 5 points to include when writing projects for your marketing timeline:

  • Project Title
  • Team that’s responsible for this project
  • Project budget even if it too low
  • Resources the team might need
  • Goals you have including expected deadline

What do you need before you begin to work on your marketing timeline?

Before you begin to work on your marketing timeline you need to figure out the list of discounts and campaigns that you’re going to run for the year. Some common categories include:


Cetabo’s Marketing Timelines

Everyone has great marketing ideas, but until these ideas get executed, measured and optimized it is just an idea that is worth $0.

Project title: Launch

Team: Inhouse developers
Budget: $1400
Hours: 30 hrs
Resources: Brand assets
Expected goal: Clear and usable branded website

Project title: Bring testimonials

Team: Inhouse marketing
Budget: $0
Hours: 70 hrs
Resources: Brand assets
Expected goal: New service testimonials(reviews)

Project title: Infographics

Team: Offshore designers
Budget: $380
Hours: N/A
Resources: Use fiverr, infographics material
Expected goal: Helpful infographics posted on multiple channels  

Project title: News

Team: Inhouse marketing + Press company
Budget: $2100
Hours: 12 hrs
Resources: Coupons, Infographics, achievements  
Expected goal: News page to post updates and to be used for press release

Project title: Coupons

Team: Inhouse marketing
Budget: $0
Hours: 20 hrs
Resources: check successful business promo post example, promo restrictions doc
Expected goal: New coupon to allow users to try the service free of charge

Project title: Social media

Social media company
7 hrs
Brand assets, coupon, news
Hire and build relationship with a social media company

Project title: Video

Team: Offshore designers
Budget: $900
Hours: N/A
Resources: Hire using fiverr, brand assets
Expected goal: Helpful videos describing service and educating users

Project title: Email

Team: Email overseas employee
Budget: $900
Hours: 30hr
Resources: Hire experienced email employee
Expected goal: Multiple email campaigns for targeted industries  

Learning lessons and new marketing technologies

Our Launch is done better than perfect. We used the following tools/resources:

What do you need to launch a website?
1-WordPress functional theme by neve
2-Canva Pro to design logo and other brand assets
3-Reddit and Quora to research content
4-Bluehost for hosting the site
5-123formbuilder for order inquiries


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